3 Reasons Why Print is Here to Stay


The battle between print and digital mediums has been going on for years! We believe the best marketing plans utilise both in tandem for maximum effect. However, as designers, print holds a special place in our heart. Here are 3 reasons why we think print will be here to stay!

  1. Print feels exclusive

Printed documents take longer to produce and have a greater cost but are viewed as more exclusive than online content. Especially when you consider all the different printing techniques, paper stocks and possibilities available. A printed document can have a very high-end feel, with time and effort spent creating the right look and feel for the target audience.

A quality document is something to experience and keep. In a digital age, print has a certain novelty and can attract a loyal audience.

  1. Print is physical

Online documents can be removed at the click of a button, whereas a print hangs around for longer. It sits on the side (even if it’s destined for the recycling bin), it goes on the wall, its shared with others. Consider a doctors’ waiting room, with magazines from 2 years prior, those printed documents are standing the test of time.

  1. Print is more memorable

In the saturated market of social media and websites, online adverts are constant and everywhere! The audience are used to seeing them and can hide them simply by scrolling down the page. The content becomes white noise.

According to a study by Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making, readers generally remember a print ad better than they do a digital one, even though they may have the same content!

As we said, we love print! That being said, there are some amazing and undeniable benefits for digital too, especially as the popularity of social media forever increases. We’re excited to see all the new developments to come with print AND digital.

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