Power Up Session

Nurturing and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Meet the expert

Lisa Lavis CEO & Founder Glow

Lisa Lavis

CEO & Founder

Our award-winning CEO, and founder, Lisa Lavis combines strong, hands-on leadership skills with strategic marketing and business acumen. A former national marketing manager for global professional services firm Deloitte, she has over 25 years’ experience of developing powerful creative campaigns and strategies. Lisa is a passionate believer in nurturing talent and enhancing business performance through wellbeing, purpose, emotional agility, and humour.

Lisa is a Non-Exec Director for Business South, sharing a passion of the Central South and what the region has to offer as a great place for business and to live, work, study and invest in.

Take care of your people, and your people will take care of you! Your employees are your most valuable assets, so making sure they are nurtured, supported, and appreciated will ensure you attract and retain top talent and increase productivity.

About the session:

You’ll discuss the value of promoting wellbeing in the workplace and within your team, learn how to nurture employees to ensure they are performing to their best ability, and learn ways to be flexible with working arrangements to ensure you are an attractive employer.

You’ll learn:

  • How to promote wellbeing in the workplace
  • The value of working on your own emotional intelligence
  • How to ensure you are showing your human side, as a business leader
  • How to lead by example
Suitable for:

group sessions

1-2-1 basis

Any job role

Any skill ability


60 minutes

£165 per session (excluding VAT)

Full payment required before each session

At the Glow office or virtually

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Lisa Lavis CEO & Founder Glow
Lisa Lavis

Award-winning CEO and founder

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