Effective communications drive success

Effective communications provide clarity and build credibility

Effective communication for organisational success

We help you create impactful communication strategies. Whether you need to engage your employees, reach out to stakeholders, or navigate a crisis, our team’s extensive experience and expertise ensures your message is heard and understood. If you’re ready to achieve your business goals, we can work with you to plan, communicate and evaluate your communication strategy for success.

What we offer

Transform your organisation with expert communication strategies that drive engagement, alignment, and success. Navigate transitions smoothly and unlock new opportunities with effective change communications.

Enhance your brand’s awareness and engagement through clear, concise, and engaging communications. Foster a sense of connection and motivation among employees, boosting productivity and alignment with company goals.

Identify and engage with key stakeholders to ensure their support and understanding. Build strong relationships and communicate your vision effectively to enhance your organisation’s reputation and success.

Be prepared with quick, responsive, and effective communication strategies during a crisis. Provide reassurance, manage the situation proactively, and maintain trust with your audience.

Receive personalised guidance and expertise to enhance your communication strategies. Build your skills, confidence, and strategic decision-making with support from experienced mentors.

How we’ve helped others

IGY Marinas

With 23 marinas worldwide, in 13 countries, IGY’s marketing & design requirements are fast paced and exciting.
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Knights Brown

An independent, multidisciplinary, construction company with a £1m turnover; passionate about its people, projects and communities.
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Why is communications important?

Enhancing engagement

Effective communication fosters engagement by ensuring that your audience feels heard and valued. It encourages interaction, builds trust, and strengthens relationships, whether internally with employees or externally with clients and stakeholders.

Driving organisational success

Clear and strategic communication is crucial for aligning teams with organisational goals. It helps in conveying the vision, mission, and values of the organisation, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards common objectives.

Managing change and crises

In times of change or crisis, communication is the key to maintaining stability and confidence. Well-planned communication strategies provide clarity, reduce uncertainty, and guide the organisation through transitions, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and reassured.

Meet the comms experts

Mark Burnell - Senior Designer of Glow | A design and marketing agency

Mark Burnell

Senior Designer

Laura Hawtin - Head of Communications of Glow | A design and marketing agency

Laura Hawtin

Head of Comms

Lisa Lavis - Founder & CEO of Glow | A design and marketing agency

Lisa Lavis

CEO & Founder

Lisa Barnett - Head of Creative of Glow | A design and marketing agency

Lisa Barnett

Head of Creative

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How can we help?

Develop powerful identities that make your brand truly unforgettable.

Leverage strategic marketing services to boost your business growth.

Deliver tailored and strategic communication solutions to effectively engage and align your audience.

Craft engaging digital experiences that captivate and connect with your audience.

Create visually compelling designs across all mediums that resonate with your audience.

Utilise dynamic videos and animations to captivate and engage with your audience.