3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs Good Design


A strong marketing plan and a good business model is the bedrock of any business. Good design transforms these elements to create a powerful brand.

Powerful design creates a strong connection with your customers. It is emotive. When used effectively, it makes people feel an affinity with your business. This affinity helps strengthen your brand and reinforce internal and external communications. In a crowded marketplace, first impressions count. Good design immediately captures the imagination, creating an instant, positive bond with your audience.

1. Design creates a brand

Design is about solving problems, delivering messages and highlighting important information. It can also create personality and evoke emotions. Good design suggests that your business is considered and takes pride in both the way it appears and the product or service it provides.

Consider big companies, they create a design aesthetic that not only appeals to their customers but creates a brand people want to buy into. For example, people buy Apple products for their minimalistic aesthetic and contemporary brand image. All things associated in Apple’s design and marketing reflect this vibe. Not only that, good design can;


2. Create brand consistency

We may sound like a broken record, but brand consistency is key. A brand image can appear chaotic and careless if consistency is not established. Creating a consistent brand image does not have to be a laborious task, but with a little effort it suggests a sense of uniformity, professionalism and thoughtfulness.

Great design harnesses your company’s values, personality and vision to create a strong, coherent and desirable brand.

You can read our blog ‘5 ways to improve brand consistency’ for more information.


3. Establish and maintain trust

Strong design can create a brand that appears trustworthy and knowledgeable. It enables your business to have sales tools to confidently sell your product or service. A consistent level of quality and care put behind everything that is in the public eye suggests a business is credible and takes pride in its offering.

Internally, good design can create confidence and a sense of unity throughout a company.


It really is important to review all elements of your marketing, consider what is being put out there and how it will make your company look.

Creative design is in our bones. We strongly believe design plays a critical role in the success of all forms of branding and communication, both in print and on-screen. Our clients consistently praise us for exceptional creativity at the pre-conceptual, design and post-design phases.

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