4 Hot Reasons Why PAYG Pays


We all understand the concept – phone companies have been supplying brilliant ‘Pay As You Go’ (PAYG) packages for years. You use the service and get charged for exactly what you’ve used. It makes perfect sense but for creative services it can be more of a challenge to get our heads around the benefits. This needn’t be the case.

We believe in business we’re fundamentally all the same. We like services delivered quickly, at a great price and with superb quality. Getting all three of these can be tricky, but Glow has the answer, a flexible ‘Pay As You Go’ approach packed with benefits!

What makes Glow’s PAYG great?

1. Reduced Costs

Reduced costs 4 Hot Reasons Why PAYG Pays

With our PAYG approach we knock 10% off our rates, every time, for every discipline. How cool is that?

So, if your quoted project cost £3,000 and we work the same number of hours estimated, with PAYG it will cost just £2,700. That’s £300 towards the office biscuit tin. Happy days!
We track time on our robust project management software, Streamtime™ and supply you with a line- by-line activity list. Better still, we can work to a budget too, if needed, and let you know when we’re approaching.

2. Reduced Admin

Reduced admin 4 Hot Reasons Why PAYG Pays

With PAYG there is no need for quote requests or sign offs. You simply send us your brief and we’ll fire up our creative engines.

3. Increased Productivity

Increased productivity 4 Hot Reasons Why PAYG Pays

This leads to increased productivity too. Because we can start straight away, deadlines are met sooner and projects are pushed through with speed and precision.

4. Glow Standards

Glow standards 4 Hot Reasons Why PAYG Pays

We retain our high standards at all times. The key to the success of our PAYG approach is our quality is never under threat. We take project management seriously and we are committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction in everything we do. Before we accept an assignment, be it quoted* or PAYG, we ensure the specification is clear and unambiguous. We then appoint a project manager to ensure every stage runs as smoothly as possible, from the initial discussion, to agree your exact requirements, through to completion, sign off, and delivery.

We’ve had some great customer feedback too!

“Having worked with Glow in my previous job, I was well aware of the quality of their work and their excellent customer service, even with tight deadlines. Go! Southampton had a budget to work to with the Christmas campaign, and Lisa suggested we opt for the ‘Pay As You Go’ approach. Because we were only charged for the actual hours spent on the design work, and the project actually came in under budget. So not only were delighted with the design, we also have some budget left to put towards our next project. No doubt this will also be placed with Glow!”

Heidi Isa, Marketing & Events Director, Go! Southampton

Read more about how Glow’s PAYG approach can make a big impact to your business and reduce your cost: https://www.theglowstudio.com/pay-as-you-go/

*As members of the Design Business Association (DBA), the trade association for the UK design industry. we receive its annual charge out report and this makes sure we align with industry norms. We have different hourly rates per discipline and it’s how we estimate our jobs and create quoted prices for our clients to approve.

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