5 Top Tips to Make Social Media Work For You


1. Think about timing –
Believe it or not the time you post an update can have a significant effect on its reach. Check out this handy infographic for the best times to post!

2. Keep it interesting –
This isn’t limited to the content of the post. In fact something as simple as heading up your posts with an inviting image can drastically boost your reach.

3. Be Consistent –
Try to maintain a consistent quality of the content you post. It re-enforces your professional image and becomes familiar with your audience. Good grammar goes a long way as well!

4. Don’t underestimate the #hashtag –
Hashtags are great for expanding the potential audience of your post. Get involved with active discussions and be sure to #hastag your posts! Keep it relevant though!

5. Interact with your audience –
Build relationships with your audience through social media, reply to queries, respond to feedback and show that you want to engage with your customers.

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