7 Things You’ll Learn From A Graphic Design Internship


At Glow, it’s a passion of ours to nurture talent and work with students to help them gain an insight into the creative industry, and to grow as individuals. Here are 7 valuable lessons you’ll gain from doing a graphic design internship:


  1. Gain a network of industry contacts

Having a network of professionals in your field is important. You’ll never know where you’ll end up and a good impression and positive recommendations go a long way.

  1. Learn new skills

Graphic design trends, software packages and technologies change frequently. It’s always good to work with experienced designers who are working in the industry to learn (and also share) new skills. It’s likely you’ll learn lots about designing in ‘the real world’ that are not covered in the curriculum.

  1. Improve your confidence

Working on live projects and with other experienced designers will not only improve your skills, but your confidence. With experience comes knowledge. The more you can expose yourself to the working world, the more confident you will feel.

  1. Understanding business

Designers do not make up a whole company. There are other job roles, suppliers and processes that all combine to create a great agency. A graphic design internship will help you realise where you sit within the framework and help you gain a better knowledge of how a business works.

  1. Validation

Working in the ‘real world’ will (hopefully) help to validate that you’re on the right career path and give you an insight to into the inner workings of a design studio.

  1. Increase your employability

When applying for jobs, a lot of places will want to see experience, but how do you get experience if no one will give you a job? Internships are an excellent way to gain that experience over short periods of time with a variety of different studios, agencies or in-house roles.

  1. Improve your portfolio

Working on live projects for live clients will expose you to working on the kind of projects you might not experience in your studies. It will make your portfolio seem more varied – which is a good thing!


We may be biased, but we think graphic design internships are a super way to stand out, improve your knowledge and gain confidence. If you’re interested in an internship, drop us a message.

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