7 Work Enhancing Benefits of Working ‘Out of Town’


Glow’s HQ is located in the beautiful 13th century Wickham Square, located on the fringe of the Meon Valley. We’ve been here for most of our 19 years and love it, so thought we’d share our 7 top workenhancing benefits of being based ‘out of town’. 

  1. Walks

    We all know we should walk more (our Fit Bit buzzes us frequently), but it makes it that much easier when, on your doorstep, are public footpaths and beautiful landscapes. It’s a real boost for clearing your head and for strategic thinking. 

  2. Independent cafes and restaurants

    As big foodies, this should be Glow’s number one. The beauty of working rurally is there aren’t any big chains. In Wickham we are blessed with amazing eateries; Greens Restaurant, Offbeat and Lilly’s being our favourites. All in walking distance too! 

  3. Health

    Apart from the walks, country living is tops for doctors, dentists and opticians. And all are in walking distance of Glow’s office. They are friendly, quick and on it. This makes such a big difference when you’re up against project deadlines and have restrictions on your time. 

  4. Parking

    Oh my, it’s just so reasonable. Some of our clients, when visiting us question if the meters are correct. 80 pence for 3 hours, happy days. Plus, there is free parking within a 5-minute walk away. 

  5. Cheaper rent

    Rural offices tend to be more reasonably priced, helping to keep overheads lower.  

  6. Accessible

    Pitch your rural office right and not only will you be immersed in countryside, but you’ll also be able to get to where you want to go quickly. The M27 and Botley train station are less than 4 miles from Wickham and the 3 major cities of Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth are just 12 miles away. Not to mention Southampton Airport, our global gateway to the rest of the world. Having worked here for a while we know the short cuts, often surrounded by beautiful woodlands and fields – waiting to fill your Insta feeds – which get you where you need to quickly and without stress. 

  7. Inspiration

    It’s what makes any businesses thrive – inspiration, creativity and exciting new ideas. Having all the above, literally on your doorstep, helps fuel this in bucket loads. 

Summing up the power of rural life, for us it’s about being able to take five. As we speed through life, it’s easy to forget what we have on our doorstep, especially when it comes to the breath-taking scenery in the UK. If this can be combined with your office location too, you can tick all the boxes just by going to work. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all Darling Buds of May and working in the country does have its draw backs – Ubers are hit and miss, and an evening drink necessitates a head torch and a month’s planning. But the pros, if you want to boost wellbeing and productivity, are clear to see.

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