Dallas: A Trip to Texas


Glow’s Head of Business Development, Laura Hawtin, has just returned from an amazing trip to Dallas, Texas.

Laura is planning to relocate to Dallas, Texas, with her family, in 2022. When flights from the UK to the USA were reinstated on 8th November, Laura and her family were on one of the first flights out* to check out what Texas has to offer.

It’s incredibly exciting for Laura, her family, and for us at The Glow Studio!

We’ll let Laura tell you all about her trip:

This trip was a real adventure and a chance to get a feel for the city, as well as the suburbs where we’ll likely relocate to.

The whole Glow team has been amazingly supportive since I mentioned the move. We have big plans to open up Glow’s first international office in Dallas, albeit from my dining room at first. And it’ll make a fantastic Away Day/Week for the Glow team!

Although we were staying in the heart of downtown Dallas, amongst the skyscrapers and big international brands, we spent a lot of time looking around areas further out from the city centre.

With three primary-school-aged children, finding somewhere to live with good schools, in close proximity, and with kid-friendly facilities and activities on offer is our number one priority.

From a tourist perspective, the Stockyards in Fort Worth are a must-see. With original brick walkways, the Stockyards tell the true history of Texas’s famous livestock industry with plenty of activities and events for all ages.


3 Facts About Dallas

1. The Texans live and breathe their motto

Did you know Texas has a state motto? Friendship

I’d been told that the Texans I’d meet would be friendly, but everyone I met surpassed any expectations. This wasn’t just a friendly ‘Howdy Y’all’ – I was engaged in conversations with people wherever we went. As well as me asking them lots of questions, they wanted to know more about us as a family, why we were there, what we liked so far, and were so helpful if we needed any advice or tips on where to visit.

2. Green Landscapes Galore

Ok, so it’s not Hampshire, England. But, Dallas has a lot more green space than i’d imagined. There are tree-lined streets in the city centre and the suburbs are beautifully landscaped with greenery and water reserves disguised as opulent ponds/lakes and fountains. The investment in outdoor spaces for kids is amazing. They have play parks that my 8-year-old-self would have adored. My kids can vouch for how cool these parks are!

Did you know that the Professional Golf Association (PGA) is moving its headquarters from Florida to Dallas. That’ll be another 8 full-size golf courses to add to the greenery.

3. Community is Key

The sense of community spirit, pride and investment in Dallas is strong. All the schools have incredible facilities with football fields, athletic tracks, gymnasiums, and not forgetting the school mascots. There seems to be so much investment and opportunity in the schools, which is possible thanks to the combination of state funding and money raised by parents. In one school, I was told that the PTA has been responsible for raising $1million the previous year!!!

Check out Visit Dallas if you’re planning a trip of your own, or if you just want to have a nose.

*Laura has requested that this is factually correct. So, we must point out that her husband flew out, alone, on 8th November. And Laura flew out, with their 3 children, a few days later. The key fact being that Laura took a transatlantic flight with three primary-school-aged children and survived. Her medal is in the post!





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