About Glow.

We are a design studio and creative agency.

We love to collaborate with our clients to deliver powerful designs for branding and communications.

We specialise in creative design for the STEM, construction, professional services, and leisure & tourism industries.

Based in Wickham, Hampshire, we employ some of the South’s most talented design and communications individuals. Our team is a melting pot of global corporate experience and skilled design and communication creatives.

We’ve been transforming the complex and mundane into striking designs – and so much more – for 22 years.

Our Values

What we stand for, what we believe in, our DNA


To be innovative and strive for the highest standards in everything we do; pre and post sales, creativity, project management and delivery.


To promote wellbeing and harness emotional intelligence. To continually learn and grow stronger to deliver better service. To work with compassion for the environment and community.


To be bold and fearless but also to enjoy our work, never losing sight of the power of laughter to drive creativity and achieve the best outcomes.

We have a vision

To help see a time when there is a brand, marketing or creative job role on every executive board.


The brand and reputation of a company (how good or bad) defines a company. It will resonate with the staff it employs, the customers who choose to work with it, its values and vision. And looking after your brand requires senior strategic and creative insight at board level. Whether this is a Chief Brand Office (CBO), a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) a Marketing Director or Head of Brand – the title is personal to a company – it needs to be a savvy marketing professional who will work closely with the other board members; People, Finance, Operations, Commercial and Leadership to co-create and deliver a company’s strategy.

Decision Making 

Every strategic decision a company makes involves its brand. At the offset if that the brand (marketing / creative) role is on the board it will not only improve clarity of message (internally and externally), but it will speed up the communication roll out to all, ensuring it is delivered on point and with the correct tone, pace and style.


For aspiring, ambitious and talented creative, brand and marketing professionals they need to see that becoming an executive board member/director is not only attainable and a role to aspire to but is normal and a function that is respected at the very top.

Roll Out

Brand (marketing, creative, campaign) project signs off’s can be clunky. This is because the marketing manager, co-ordinator / executive – in particular, within sme’s – has to go to a member of the board, who are busy managing operations, strategy and their own role, for the project go ahead and sign off. As a result, everything takes longer. This has an effect on the strategic campaign roll out, impacting many facets of the business including business development and recruitment. By having a board member whose role is brand / marketing this hijacked time can be reduced.

What makes us Glow?

We’re not just award-winning creatives:

Champion of Business South

Glow is a Champion member of Business South – the independent representative of businesses in Central South England. Lisa Lavis, Glow’s MD, is an active member of the organisation, chair of the lifestyle and culture south group and a member of the workforce group. She gives her time to voice ideas on the creative industry and how nurturing talent in business will enable individuals to thrive.

Nurturing Strategy

In 2019 Glow introduced its own nurturing strategy with two clear goals:

  1. To offer design placements at Glow every year to enable talented students to learn, grow, build their confidence, and develop their skills and knowledge of the creative industry.
  1. To create a Glow academy to enable undergraduates to complete their degrees through apprenticeships at Glow.

Woman Business Owner of the Year

In October 2019, Glow MD Lisa Lavis won Woman Business Owner of the Year (The Business magazine), a true honour and something we’re all very proud of:

“It’s a huge privilege to be the captain of Glow’s ship. I work with a fantastic team who produce brilliant work every day. They make me laugh, they share my passion and they thrive on developing creative collaborations with our clients, which is so important in our success.” Lisa Lavis, Glow’s captain