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Adobe has been using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and responsible training data for years, with its Content-Aware Fill in PhotoShop, and has recently introduced Firefly, its AI for generating images.

Adobe Firefly is described as a family of creative generative AI models that includes two tools: one for generating pictures from text descriptions and the other for creating stylised text.

At this initial stage, Adobe Firefly will only be available via a web browser. However, Firefly features will eventually be integrated into Adobe tools across the Creative Cloud suite.

Not only that but in the coming months, Firefly will power the text-to-image capabilities in Google’s Bard AI. You will have the ability to edit your creation further using Adobe Express. Users of all skill levels will be able to describe their idea to Bard in their own words to create Firefly generated images, directly in Bard.

What sets Firefly apart from other AI image generation tools is that the company uses Adobe Stock licensed content and non-copyrighted materials to train its algorithms. This means that users can use the images generated by Firefly without worrying about copyright issues. In addition, Adobe plans to pay artists who provide their work to help train the Ai, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and artists.

Firefly makes it easy for users to input text queries and set necessary parameters such as style, lighting, and aspect ratio. Additionally, images created using Adobe Firefly can be modified to fit the specific needs of the user, providing users with a powerful tool for generating unique and copyright-free images

If you’re interested in trying out Adobe Firefly, you can request access to the beta:

As soon as we have access, we will give you guys an update.

Adobe Firefly
Adobe Firefly

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