Another String to Our Bow


We like to share our work with you every now and again and it’s probably because we’re pretty chuffed with it and want to show the whole world! We hope you don’t mind.

By now you should know that we can design some pretty mean stuff and produce some (even if we do say so ourselves!) awesome ideas and results. So all that is a given, but this time we wanted to show you a couple of slightly different recent projects that we’ve been working on.

Two of our clients approached us with a request to produce a short animation for them. Of course! We have the designers who can create the visuals and the coders who can build it, so we set to work. Below are the finished articles and these are brilliant examples of how a sometimes complex message can be put across in a simple, interesting and fun way.

It meant that our designers had to go right back to basics and sketch out a storyboard (on actual paper and actual colouring pencils) and then our coding geniuses brought them to life. With a bit of music over the top, you are left with a piece of media that can be uploaded on to all sorts of platforms and also onto the clients’ own websites, which are a great way of moving up the Google rankings.

If you think your business might benefit from an animation, we’d be more than happy to help.

We hope you enjoy our short films!

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