Aquila Nuclear Engeering Tender Document


Glow produced this tender document for Aquila Nuclear Engineering. A very text heavy tender, the document needed to break up the large paragraphs of copy so that it looked attractive and was easy for the ready to digest.

As well as the tender content, we also included information about Aquila, including the mission, vision and values to give the recipient more information and a sense of personality.

Aquila Tender Document

Aquila Tender Document

About Aquila

Aquila’s Engineers have been involved in the nuclear industry for the past 40 years with experience from every licensed nuclear site in the UK. Its vision is to be the company of choice, delivering mission critical nuclear engineering solutions in Europe and the Commonwealth.

Glow has been working with Aquila since its inception in 2011; initially with the creation of its brand identity and then delivering ongoing marketing and design projects, including e-shots, social media, exhibition stands, corporate literature, branded gifts and recruitment campaigns. It’s been a successful collaboration, helping the company to have grown to its current size of £10m plus, with 50 personnel.

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