Balloons, Cake and a GIANT Photo Frame


There was summer fun and frolics in the garden of our local, The King’s Head in Wickham on 21st July. While we are all for partying on a Thursday afternoon for no apparent reason, we did actually have a legitimate purpose on this occasion. Glow turned 16 years old!

Yes in 2000, Glow was just a tiny bundle of ideas that has grown, blossomed, and matured into a very respectable creative agency. Perhaps if you saw photos after the (cough) jugs of Pimms, ‘respectable’ may not be the word that would immediately spring to mind, but we were thrilled that so many of our clients, suppliers, friends and family who have supported us throughout these years, came to help us celebrate.

We thought it was fitting to have a Sweet Sixteen party, and so, bunting was hung, balloons were inflated, cakes were baked, props were created and all of them had that special Glow touch. There was even a poem telling the story of Glow, to mark the occasion, here’s a tiny snippet to whet your appetite….

Marketing, copy and terrific design

And now we build websites to help our clients shine

We’ve learned animation and of course social media

And not just by reading what’s on Wikipedia

. . . . . . .

We sometimes work in unusual ways

With funny distractions to get through the days

Yoga, Pilates and practising planks

We laugh every day, for that we give thanks

Click here to read more, including the part where the boss promised everyone a pay rise! (It’s in black and white now so it must be true!)

There was a great atmosphere, people came and went as they pleased, the Pimms flowed and so did the conversation – work topics were off the menu, which was actually quite refreshing. The afternoon was all about celebrating and socialising and that’s exactly what we did. Our photo frame and props were put to good use and usually the models for the pictures didn’t need too much persuasion to take part.

It was all to mark the tumultuous years of Glow. Some have been kind to us, others…not so much, but we have survived any obstacle that has been put in our way (namely the recession) and have come out the other side, stronger, wiser, a little greyer but most importantly eager! Eager to see where Glow will go next, who we will have the chance to work with and what we will learn along the way.

A big thank you to those who did come along and to those who couldn’t make it, well, we’ve got the taste for a good party now, so we don’t suppose it will be long before there’s another one.

Here’s to the next 16 years!

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