Bespoke Retirement Gift


In the studio this week, we’ve been admiring the bespoke retirement gift we recently created for our long-standing client, Aquila Nuclear Engineering.

Aquila’s CEO, Dave, came to Glow with the vision of a personalised past achievement album for Pete, his colleague and friend of 30 years. He wanted to present something which would encompass the projects, milestones and accomplishments of Pete’s career in the nuclear engineering industry over the years. He emphasised the album should be something Pete could treasure and reminisce on throughout his retired life.

So, we set about the task of collating years of memories, photographs, accomplishments and some great anecdotes along the way.

A scrapbook design style was established for the album, to provide a truly authentic, personalised feel to the artwork. The dust-jacket design features a comical, yet true to life, caricature of Pete, which is then repeated on the first inside page, just in case Pete were to ever lose the dust jacket (we’re always thinking one step ahead).

The album features a witty welcome note and recent image of Pete and some of the team at Aquila. If you look closely, we’re certain you’ll be able to pick out Pete based upon the rather accurate caricature. A fold-out page reveals an enticing project timeline, which pin points the different companies Pete has worked for over the years.

Bespoke_Retirement_Gift Bespoke_Retirement_Gift

The bespoke retirement gift displays a whole host of jobs Pete previously worked on, some of these including yet more hand-drawn illustrations of bespoke machinery solutions. Despite being very comprehensive, our stock image provider couldn’t offer any photos of these one of a kind builds. So, utilising their illustrative skills, our designers put pen to paper and created unique scrapbook style sketches of the equipment and infrastructure.


The album not only shows various projects, it also includes a selection of other great memorabilia, such as Pete’s inventor patent, names of friends and colleagues at each company and some fun throwback images of corporate parties back in the 90’s.

The album is then finished off with several message pages, which were included to allow everyone at Aquila to get involved and write individual, personal messages – a nice finishing touch we think!


Not only did we design the artwork for this project, we also organised the printing of the book and dust jacket. After discussing a wide range of print options with the client, we opted to use the renowned Colorplan paper stock and a navy fabric cover to provide an incredibly high-quality finish to the album.

If you’d like to find out more about the bespoke design solutions and the various stocks and print finishes we can offer, please get in touch. We can create you something truly unique – as this bespoke retirement gift illustrates!

Bespoke Retirement Gift

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