Big Ideas for 2024!


We only know what’s happening right now hey? We can learn from the past and we like to prepare for the unknown; so making predictions for what’s to come is a key part of business and marketing strategy.

Thankfully, the clever kids at LinkedIn compliled this great 15 Big Ideas that will shape 2024, to help us.

Full list in the link but the interesting ones that jumped out at me are:

  • Powering the AI boom will become just as important as regulating it
  • Our nights out will begin and end earlier
  • Menopause-inclusive initiatives will become must-haves to retain staff
  • Job applicants will be paid for their time
  • Universities will view the creator economy as a viable career path

Whatever 2024 brings I have a feeling it’s going to be great! Read more on LinkedIn

What major trends do you think we’ll see in 2024? 

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