It’s our Birthday Tomorrow!


The past year has gone by in the blink of an eye and we can’t quite believe that it’s Glow’s birthday tomorrow, 1stJune. Exciting stuff!

Last year we made a bit of a song and dance about it as it was our 18th, you can still check out our birthday video here, it gives you the story of Glow.

So tomorrow we’ll be turning 19, not normally a particularly eventful birthday, but as our financial year ends on 31stMay (today), we’re celebrating something else too…

We’ve just achieved Glow’s highest annual turnover, EVER! Now that’s saying something after 19 years in business.

We thought it was only fitting to share some golden oldies of the team in Glow’s first year in business, to reminisce on where it all began and to also question what exactly was going on in this photoshoot!

birthday - 19 years ago birthday - 19 years ago birthday - 19 years ago birthday - 19 years ago birthday - 19 years ago

We still have got lots more to achieve and work on. Our newly created ‘Nurturing Strategy’ – watch this space – is very exciting and getting us all enthused. Part of this strategy is welcoming design interns every year and we’re currently planning for our summer intern competition 2019! We’re firm believers of providing quality work experience for students to enable them to start their career in the creative industry. Not only that, but we feel it’s important to keep up to date with new ideas and approaches.

All of this is coupled with doing our very best, every day, to deliver creative ‘wowness’ with passion and precision. We may be small, but we’re certainly mighty andtake huge pride in delivering creative projects for our clients. Some familiar names include Southampton Airport, Lucketts Travel, Go! Southampton, Business South, Knights Brown, STR Group and Destination South.


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