Brand intel audits

Brand awareness like never before

Gain key insights from your ideal client. Our brand intel audit includes over 200 focus areas and provides you razor sharp insight and direction to help you best position your business for the future.

What we have to offer…

Market research

We inspect your digital communications and channels, use our specialist knowledge of your sector alongside trends to give advice and guidance on how you can best place yourself competitively within your area of expertise.

Client communication

We provide key insights from your current and ideal clients and find out where, when and how you should be communicating. This information will help you the elevate your brand.

Online optimisation

Design aesthetic recommendations for consistency across all platforms to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Brand suggestions

Specific recommendations in terms of brand consistency, key messages, and personalisation techniques.

What makes up our brand intel audits?

An audit of over 200 focus areas which includes examining your company’s user experience, buying cycle and digital presence:

  • Specific recommendations in terms of brand consistency, key messages and personalisation techniques.
  • Language, tone and copy suggestions.
  • Information about engagement, best practices and assertiveness/persuasion.
  • Insights into your searchability, including Google My Business and reviews.
  • Design aesthetic recommendations, including brand psychology guidance.
  • User-experience research – up to 10 client/stakeholders – research into your brand, services and perception.
  • Written report with recommendations for all of the above and key suggestions of specific actions in relation to Sales, Engagement and Authority.
  • 60-90 minute feedback session

Why a brand intel audit is important…

Our brand intel audits provide you with razor sharp, detailed intelligence on how both your client base perceive your company plus how your brand is seen in all digital outlets.

It examines your buying cycle and gets under the skin of the perception of your brand. This intel fuels knowledge to enable you to make the right decisions on how and where to best position your marketing. It’s one of the best brand investments you can make.

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Brand Intel Audits

Key insights from your ideal client and find out where, when and how you should be communicating

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