Glow Releases its Broadsheet Style Newsletter – ‘Glow-Down’


We have recently released our very own Winter/Spring newsletter, titled ‘Glow-Down’. The broadsheet style publication, designed by the team at Glow every six months, is a chance for us to showcase some of our favourite client projects, and to provide an update on Glow.

Completed at the end of January, this edition includes articles on Glow’s new brand and values, our fabulous eco-focused sub-brand, ‘Grow’ and our latest mentoring initiatives. It is also packed with information and tips on why your marketing needs good design.

Introducing the newsletter, Lisa Lavis, our MD, reflects on the last year. The support, the grit and determination of the entire business community was abundant. Lisa also echoes her mantra – ‘that a good day always follows a bad, but a bad doesn’t necessarily follow a good’. Which she says has bode her well over the past 20 years of running Glow.

The newsletter features gorgeous client projects, including a new brand created for Scarf – a charity based in the New Forest, which organises regular term–time clubs, as well as holiday activities for children with special needs, and their families. As well as new websites for Evoco, Phonenames, and Chilworth Construction Management. Plus, powerful brand projects for Knights Brown, Business South, Q Factorial, PHA Homes and GO! Southampton. We also included a year’s worth of marketing for growing Twyford based Aquila Nuclear Engineering.

The newsletter design takes on a newspaper parody. It was printed on a great recycled stock and posted to all recipients, many to their home addresses. The design reflects Glow’s strong brand and oozes style, consistency and readability – all must haves for Glow. We believe using this tactile and unusual print finish is such a great way to communicate messages and we were delighted with the many positive responses. At Glow, we are big advocates of utilising all marketing mediums available and strongly urge clients to consider print and digital, combined, wherever possible.

As we continue to write our weekly blogs, social posts and provide industry tips, we start to build content for our Summer/Autumn newsletter. It’s a continual process, but it works, and it is so rewarding to pull all the information together in one publication.

If you fancy your very own newspaper parody let us know, we’d love to help!

Broadsheet Newsletter

Broadsheet NewsletterBroadsheet Newsletter

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