Chilworth Construction Management Newsletter


In the studio this week, we’ve received freshly printed copies of the Glow-designed, CCM Spring 2020 newsletter.

Chilworth Newsletter

Chilworth Construction Management (CCM) is a longstanding client of Glow. We were asked to create its newsletter, containing all its latest news and updates from across the business.

The team has always got lots to tell us, and due to growth, will shortly be moving offices too. Along with all the business updates, Chilworth has included its vision to be the first carbon neutral construction management company.  We’re looking forward to hearing more about this.

We designed the newsletter template for Chilworth some years ago, and it’s stood the test of time, with the Chilworth Management Team liking the design so much, that we’re currently creating a new website for them, with the design taking a lot of influence from this newsletter.

Glow has worked with Chilworth for over four years and we love their values, passion and friendly attitude to projects. Our Glow projects with Chilworth range from creating stunning exhibition stands, designing marketing materials and collateral to thinking of original corporate gifts and, of course, creating the new Chilworth Website.

About Chilworth Construction Management

The Chilworth Construction Management team provide a transparent and hassle-free approach to the management and completion of major construction projects in the UK and Europe.

​Its unique approach means they get their feet dirty, work on the sites as our clients’ civils technical team and help save costs and resources safely.

​From pre-construction cost and planning support to the provision of full site-based project delivery we apply our Project First philosophy to every job and complete projects, on time, on budget, safely, without stress, every time.

Chilworth’s ‘Project First’ Philosophy

Chilworth provides all the resources of a Main Contractor. Its Project First philosophy avoids traditional client/contractor conflicts which can be caused when clients wish to minimise costs while contractors wish to maximise profits. The Project First approach looks to ensure the Client and Chilworth achieve common goals, the Chilworth project delivery team acting as an extension of the Clients management team.

Chilworth Newsletter - Front Page

Chilworth Newsletter Inside Spread

Chilworth Newsletter Inside Spread 2

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