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We love nothing more than creating stunning logos for our clients. This is amplified even more when it’s for a charity.  So, we were only too happy to support our client, Drew Smith, in creating a charity logo for a cause very close to their hearts.

The Drew Smith Ocular Melanoma campaign is in remembrance of Zoe, one of Drew Smith’s employees.

Who is Zoe?

Zoe worked at Drew Smith for over 4 years as a Senior Quantity Surveyor. Zoe was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in April 2021, following a routine eyesight examination. Although she received treatment, Zoe sadly lost her short, but brave, battle after a few months. The Drew Smith team is now committed to fulfilling her wishes to raise awareness for Ocular Melanoma.

Since her diagnosis, a mark of her bravery was that Zoe spoke with the Drew Smith team about her wish to promote regular eye screening for early stages of the disease, and worked closely with the cancer support charity, Macmillan, to champion the valuable work they do.

Logo Design

Drew Smith has created its own Ocular Melanoma campaign and asked Glow to create the ‘Zoe Eye Test’ logo.  to help in raising awareness for Ocular Melanoma. Ocular Melanoma is a cancer of the uvea within the eye. Although it is the most common type of cancer to affect the eye, it is very rare.

Between 700 to 800 people are diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma every year, in the UK.

With the design, we wanted to ensure that the ‘Ocular Melanoma Awareness’ was the most prominent part of the logo. The iconic eye test board inclusion in the ‘Zoe Eye Test’ logo was a clever suggestion from Zoe and the Drew Smith team. Additionally, the inclusion of Drew Smith red and grey bar gives a nod to Drew Smith brand.

Drew Smith Ocular Melanoma Campaign

As part of the launch of the campign, Drew Smith employees have been provided with useful information and equipment including;

  • UV protection
  • UV rated eye-wear
  • Campaign-branded Hi-Viz vests
  • Water bottles
  • Useful Information provided details how you can claim back the cost for an eye test, as well as, the OCT (eye health check) scan which can help detect any abnormalities.

Understandbly, this is an important project for the Drew Smith team. The whole team at Glow feel proud to have helped in this small way. And we’re looking forward to seeing more from the campaign.


Zoe wanted to leave a legacy. Her aim was to raise the profile of both eye and skin cancer, particularly in its early stages. Providing people with the chance to seek effective treatment. In support of this cause, we are taking up the challenge to spread the message and raise awareness within our team and the wider business.
All that we ask of you is to do the same, with work colleagues, friends and family. The more people we can effect through this simple message, the more powerful the impact.

Adrian Cator, Managing Director, Drew Smith


About Drew Smith

Drew Smith specialises in providing exceptional new homes and is passionate about the creation of better places for people to live.

With a strong emphasis on design, sustainability and build quality, its new homes will make a positive and long-lasting impact to both new and existing communities.

Established for more than 30 years, Drew Smith has maintained an innovative and dynamic approach to optimising the potential for the delivery of high-quality homes with a reputation for delivering on its promises.



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