Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas


🎄🎁 In the world of creative campaigns we’re already thinking of next summer ;), but we’ve got a whole lot of sparkle to sprinkle before that. We’re talking about your corporate Christmas gifts.

To help your busy minds, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you say thanks to your customers and suppliers…

Approach: Ethical

If you want to show your clients and supply chain you care, but are conscious of your output, here are some ideas that are good for the environment and the soul:

  • Give your time
  • Plant a tree
  • Donate to a charity
  • Give an experience

To gift ethically this Christmas avoid sending large gifts unless you can source a carbon-neutral courier. Instead, opt for sending gift cards or e-cards, this gives the person receiving it the choice to make an ethical purchase. If you want to give a physical gift, look for practical, useful items made ethically and sustainably.

Want to give ethically this Christmas? Read more in our blog.

Approach: Low cost

A token of your appreciation without breaking the bank:

  • Email campaign
  • Social media graphics
  • A small discount on your product/services
  • Arrange a catch up

Approach: Consumable

Christmas is the time to indulge. Give the gift of luxury and a fully belly with these ideas:

  • Drink miniatures
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Gingerbread/Christmas biscuits
  • Artisanal popcorn

…or if you’re really grateful, a hamper to include them all!

Approach: Temporary

Want to show appreciation but don’t want your gift to hang around for years/go to landfill?

  • Desk or wall calendar
  • Personalised Christmas card
  • Gift card/voucher
  • Ethical wrapping set

Approach: Longevity

Want to make a lasting impression that will actually be used or treasured? What about these ideas?

  • Christmas decoration
  • Clothing
  • Stationery
  • Cosmetics

So whether you’re looking to impress or simply say thank you, get prepared and start planning your corporate Christmas gift ideas. Glow can help source, design and distribute – drop us as email!

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