Deacon Design Mood Boards


Check out these mood boards we created for our office neighbours, Deacon Design. You can really get a feel for the type of aesthetic and vibe they wanted to create from the lovely images and calming colour palette.

Professionally designed mood boards really help to sell a vision – of any project – so much more than a PowerPoint slide or word document.

Here’s four top reason why you should go the extra mile with mood boards:

  • It shows you care and that you’re passionate about your ideas
  • A well designed and tidy mood board will reflect the service and quality you provide
  • It uniforms your ideas and makes them feel less chaotic, and easier to digest
  • You can evoke different emotions through good design using shapes, colour and imagery

Why not consider using a designer next time you need to make a pitch, you’ll be amazed at what difference it will make.

Deacon Design Mood Boards
Deacon Design Mood Boards

About Deacon Design

Deacon Design’s passion for enriching people’s lives is at the heart of everything it does. They thrive on collaborating with other specialists, designing landscapes that delight and improve the ability for us all to reconnect with the outdoor environment.

Its people set them apart from the rest and they know that working together creates the best outcomes – that’s why its clients keep coming back, time and time again.

Deacon Design take a contextually led approach, creating landscapes that draw from the character, history, and nature of the area.

Deacon’s mission is to improve health and happiness through environmentally friendly spaces that people will cherish for generations to come.

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