Deborah Barker hangs up her Glow Directors hat!


A Blast indeed! A few weeks ago, the fabulous and multi-talented Deborah Barker officially hung up her Glow Directors hat. Debbie, one of Glow’s original founders was the bedrock of our success and growth. From the early days of designing and building websites, to Creative Director, Operations Director, NED and my blooming brilliant co-pilot (reining me in as I would go off-piste or lose the will to live). Along with our brilliant fellow co-founder, Ian Lavis (brother not husband) we navigated every business storm going.

As a celebration, and a look back at the last 24 years, team Glow designed a picture book taking us back to the very start (those photos, I know!! :)), right through to the current day; our fabulous teams and even some old press releases … the days before social media hey.

Thank you, Deborah Barker, this team, and our incredible Glow would not be anywhere near as brilliant without you!

Here’s to the next 24 years! 😉

Deborah Barker hands up her Glow Directors hat

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