Delving into the Wonderful World of Stock Imagery


Stock imagery sites not only provide a huge selection of photographs, they also offer vectors and illustrations, meaning they’re a fantastic tool and in a lot of cases a necessity for designers. Even if your search is rather specific, more often than not stock imagery providers such as iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock will be able to work their magic and conjure up a selection of choices.

However, every now and then we (and we’re sure many other designers) are presented with a truly random and hilarious image which has very little do to with the original search. So, we wanted to share some of our favourite images that we’ve come across during our travels through the depths of stock sites and invite you to join us in questioning what are their intended purposes and what projects might they be used for?

Our top 15 bizarre stock images

  1.  ‘Shaving make me fun!’ – yes this is the real caption from istock. Perhaps this image would be ideal for showing how ecstatic/terrified shaving foam can make you.
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  2.  ‘Melting elderly lady trapped in a knee cap’ – because why not’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  3. ‘Nothing to see here, just a bloke casually feeding a cat ice cream in bed’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  4. ‘You have a little something on your face’. ‘Oh god where? Where?’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  5. ‘What to say about this image’
  6. ‘Just your standard business man, doing business things’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  7. ‘Look into my (insane) eyes’ – this image isn’t the weirdest we’ve come across, however we thought it was worth including, as we thoroughly enjoyed this little fella’s face
    Fish with funny face
  8. ‘When your bicep becomes too strong and develops its own personality’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  9. ‘A convenient snack’
    Stock Imagery Blog
  10. ‘Just a Kiwi umbrella cat enjoying an ice cream in the rain’
    Cat eating ice cream under kiwi umbrella
  11. ‘Adrenaline junkie gran’
    Young boy pushing gran on a swing
  12. ‘The notorious big foot going about his daily business’
    Big Foot Gardening
  13. ‘Wigged frog man winning award for ability to give you nightmares’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  14. ‘The return of the infamous stock image cat’
    Stock Imagery Blog Image
  15. And last, but not least. This…
    Half Man Half Horse Image

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