Why well designed tender and bid documents win


There are many reasons you may consider enlisting the help of a professional graphic designer. It could be that you require a new brand, a new website, an advert design, a brochure, even refreshing an existing design. But have you considered using a professional graphic designer to improve your tender and bid documents?  

It’s common for companies to invest money into marketing strategies, advertising their services, products, and trying to convey its brand personality, but something that can bring one of the biggest ROIs is a well-designed tender or bid documentWhether it’s worth hundreds, thousands, or millions of pounds, tender and bid documents are often overlooked when it comes to considering their design aesthetic. 

Five reasons to consider having your tender and bid documents professionally designed: 

  1. Score those vital extra points
    A well-designed document can help to earn those allimportant points in the ‘quality’ element when it comes to being reviewed by the decision-makers.
  2. Show them the real you
    It’s a chance to convey your brand and your brand personality, a designed document can take your brand personality into account, inserting design features and elements that reflect you and your company. 
  3. Ensure your potential clients have confidence in you
    The impact of a professionally designed bid document can help to demonstrate to your potential clients that you take great care and have incredible attention to detail; something that is transferrable when it comes to delivering a project. This can instil confidence in you as a supplier, with the client feeling comfortable that you can deliver high-quality projects.
  4. Grab their attention
    From a custom-made box to house the document, to an engaging design that sticks in the minds of those reviewing your submission. Being presented with a professional, original design can help your bid to stand out and be memorableit’s a real chance to get creative with the design and features.  
  5. Free up the Bid Team
    Whether you have an entire bid team working on the submission, or just one or two employees. Having the document professionally designed will free up their time to focus on ensuring quality content, rather than spending time on formatting. And the best bit? Once you have an impressive, professionally designed document, you can base future tenders on the same template, tweaking design elements and adding new features, to suit each bid. 


Glow-designed tender and bid documents

Glow regularly creates tender documents for our existing clients, including Knights Brown, the local regional construction company. 

Earlier this year, we were delighted to hear that Knights Brown had been successful in its tender for the Crowthorne Fire Station scheme in Bracknell. 

Glow worked with the Knights Brown Business Development team to design the tender document, containing custom imagery and visually engaging content. One element of the design, the Community Engagement Map, was even mentioned in the scoring feedback. Which just goes to show what an impact a well-designed document can have. 

If you want to find out more about how Glow can help you with your tender and bid documents, get in touch. 

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