It’s Missouri, USA for Helander


We love it when our clients get a chance to shine, and for Helander Precision Engineering, this month was spotlight time! They were key exhibitors at Boeing’s Defence, Space and Security (BDS) manufacturing centre in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Helander, from Tewkesbury, UK, approached Glow a few weeks before the event with a time critical mission; to create a new divisional brand, exhibition materials, brochures and even a new micro website – and elevate the company and brand, ready for the conference.

Mission accepted, team Glow got straight to it!

First off was the briefing meeting with Helander and Glow, where we mapped out ideas, content and timescales. Helander has a great story and is full of passion, so it was easy to identify the exhibition narrative. The company has over 40 years of experience, working in aerospace & defence, oil & gas and nuclear, and is hot on pursuing excellence: It has been approved onto the four-year Sharing in Growth programme (SiG), which through government funding, makes just over £1m available in training and consultancy.

Sharing in Growth UK was set up in 2013 and is set to deliver a £250m programme of intensive business transformation over four years to 63 UK beneficiaries.

As part of our brief, we were tasked with creating a new Calder Precision Division brand for the Calder Group, to unify group strength with the subsidiaries. Once established, this was translated on all other marketing material. New copy was written, brochures and exhibition panels were produced, and a micro website created – all within a few days!

The result

A great looking, group cohesive brand and exhibition materials. Gary Lane, Helander’s Business Development Manager was full of praise while at the event and said the range of materials really made an impact – he’s now busily chasing up all the contacts. It can’t just be Gary, as he had over 100 likes and comments on LinkedIn too. Not bad social engagement for a B2B UK engineering firm 😉.

Glow has worked with Helander’s holding company, the Calder Group, a pan-European engineering group for many years. You might have seen a few of our blogs featuring another one of the subsidiaries, Aquila Nuclear Engineering. We’ve always had a big focus in engineering and industrial design as, apart from learning about the fascinating markets, globally, there is so much scope for creativity and developing strong brands.

Here’s to many more success stories!

Exhibition materials

Helander Brochure
Helander Brochure
Helander Business Cards
Helander Business Cards
Helander website
Helander website

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