First Responders Campaign


Glow has been working closely with Segensworth Business Forum, writing a press release and designing a PDF and e-shot, to promote the new First Responders Service on the SBF Estate. Not only that, but we had the opportunity to get behind the lens and photograph the lovely volunteers, as well as interviewing them to get their feedback and reasons behind why they wanted to be a First Responder.

Projects like these are excellent to promote good causes over a variety of deliverables, to ensure it reaches a larger audience. We loved writing and designing for this campaign, as we got to mix with different people from the local area. It also inspired us to look at our own training after the LB scalpel incident of 2014, and Lisa Lavis’ botch attempt at first aid! (See photo)

Segensworth Business Forum (SBF) represents the interests, concerns and issues of all businesses on the Segensworth Industrial Estates. A single and coordinated voice, they work on behalf of everyone, lobbying for better services and increased funding to make their Estates a better place to work. SBF’s mission is to transform the Segensworth Business Estates into Hampshire’s premier industrial estate. A place customers love to visit and employees are happy to work, where crime is low and where the business community is exactly that: a community.

SBF First Responders

SBF First Responders


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