Foiled Nuclear Engineer Handbook


We took delivery of some shiny Nuclear Engineer Handbooks for Aquila Nuclear Engineering. We designed this handbook in early 2016, and it’s been so popular, they are now on their 8th reprint!

Aquila originally wanted something special, informative and useful to give to staff, clients and prospects as a gift. The handbooks are jam-packed with information relative to the Engineering industry as well as note pages for quick scribbles and calculations.

Designed in an A6 format, Aquila wanted the book to be pocket sized – there was a lot of content to fit into such a small space, but we love a challenge at Glow!  😊We used a thicker paper to create dividers so the user can easily navigate between the sections and find information quickly. Paired with a spiral bind, the document has been designed to be easy to use!

To make the document stand out, we chose a simple silver foiling on a Kings Blue metallic paper from the Peregrina Majestic range available from G.F Smith. The result creates a very luxurious, yet corporate feel that’s on brand for Aquila.

The inner pages use White Frost from the Colorplan collection, an uncoated stock with a slight texture. We wanted to use this to encourage the user to write on the pages and make their own notes.

Aquila has recently requested that Glow create a special edition cover for the handbook, to be handed out at an event in India in September, so that’ll be the 9th reprint!

Aquila Nuclear Engineering Handbook

Aquila Nuclear Engineering Handbook


About Aquila Nuclear Engineeering

Aquila is a nuclear engineering company created by, and comprised of, industry experts.

The Aquila team has been involved in the nuclear industry for the past 40 years with experience from every licenced nuclear site in the UK.

Their vision is to be the company of choice, delivering mission critical nuclear engineering solutions in Europe, the Commonwealth and Pacific Rim. We combine proven management expertise with technical and process innovation to solve nuclear engineering challenges.



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