Francis Construction Brand Guidelines


We’re delighted to have completed an extensive brand guidelines document for our new client Francis Construction. Just in time for the new year!

Brand guidelines are a great way to ensure your brand maintains consistent and professional in appearance, whilst playing a vital role in building a strong brand identity. It makes following an outlined styling significantly easier for employees and external companies, such as design agencies and print suppliers, due to having all details compiled into one handy document.

In this particular document, we have incorporated details about how to use the logo and its variations, creative and in-house typography, the brand colour palette, stationery, tone of voice and communication, how to appear online (e.g. on social media), as well as guidance on consistency in personal protection equipment (PPE), hoarding and signage styling.

The design of the guidelines predominantly features Francis Construction’s brand blue with the introduction of a subtle secondary palette, as well as striking professional imagery. The content is clear, digestible and has been broken down into sections for ease of use. This is the first project we have completed for Francis Construction and we’re hoping that through the implementation of this new document, they will be able to flourish even further, with a cohesive and strengthened brand image.

Francis Construction Brand Guidelines

Francis Construction Brand Guidelines

Francis Construction Brand Guidelines

About Francis Construction

Founded in the early 1900’s, Francis Construction is a family owned construction business undertaking a wide range of construction work along the M4 corridor from Swindon to West London and from Aylesbury to Southampton.

Current projects range in value from several hundred thousand up to five million pounds and covers all sectors of the industry – housing, education, restoration, leisure, health, commercial and retail.

They offer a professional service and bring a personal touch throughout the construction process from tendering, pre-construction through to completion and aftercare.

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