Glow’s 16 Sweet Years


I’ve been told I’m to stand here and say a thing or two
To thank you all for coming to our quaint little do
It’s amazing to think we’ve approached Sweet Sixteen
But what educational, inspirational and fun years they have been.

My career started at Deloittes London, Fleet Street to be exact
but soon realised it wasn’t the job for my humour or tact (or lack of it)
I found all the grumpy suits so serious and quite stuffy
Maybe I could create something a bit lighter and more fluffy?

I was 28 when Glow started, way back in the day
And now stupidly, I’ve given my secret age away
I was a young entrepreneur with my whole future ahead
So I ditched corporate life for a career I’d love instead

That decided, I was off, up and eager to run my own show
Between me and fellow directors, came the idea of Glow
We wanted a name that would be said with a smile
A friendly company that would go that extra mile

And so Glow was born, we were young, excited and willing
We would take over the world and of course make a killing
16 years on – we’re not millionaires yet
But none of us have a single ounce of regret

It’s not been easy, as you business owners will know
To run a small company and help it to grow
But we managed to build up a good list of clients
From construction, insurance and nuclear science

One day someone thought we should try something different
To title ourselves something catchy and magnificent
Big cats was the theme, it seemed fun at the time
Although they still haunt us, especially mine

Lioness was my title, we thought it set the tone
Until people would ring me and roar down the phone
The big cats although fun, we decided to lose
But remains on my credit card – never fails to amuse

In the early days we admit, we were eager to please
So we blagged quite a bit to bring in the fees
Our core skills were there, what we did, we did well
But we also sold services where we didn’t excel

It just made us think that to help us succeed
We need to get better and for that we would need
A team of designers and writers with flare
Who would carry out their work with passion and care

We threw everything at it, money, sweat and tears
We had a young, eager team and some very successful years
Our client base had grown and become extremely broad
And to everyone’s surprise, I even won an award!

Things were good til 08, Glow was going with a swing
The work would come in and the phones would ring
Then all of a sudden as if overnight
The recession had hit – it was not looking bright

We regrouped, scaled back and held on for dear life
We knew that we’d struggle but we’d get through the strife
Sheer grit, determination and bundles of stress
How could we get out of this terrible mess?

I know what you’re thinking, it’s getting quite late
She’s done 12 flippin verses and only got to 08
Don’t panic, you can carry on with your afternoon
I’ve run out of rhymes so I’ll finish quite soon

The new thing was websites and digital stuff
But our knowledge at that time was really quite rough
We needed this string to add to our bow
So we found some cool nerds who would be in the know

Marketing, copy and terrific design
And now we build websites to help our clients shine
We’ve learned animation and of course social media
And not just by reading what’s on wikipedia

We’re growing again and we’ve got a great team
They’re creative and clever and living the dream
I’m proud of them all and so full of praise
That I’m giving them each a whopping great raise
(Lisa – you should have proof read this!!)

There’s Laura who goes out to get the new biz
Miles our web chap is a digital whiz
Bekii loves artworking – we think it’s weird
And Abi wrote this because she’s good at rhyming

Lisa stuns with design and her talent for branding
Sophie’s accounts are truly outstanding
Zoe steps in when the work load is tough
They’re a great little team and they sure know their stuff

There’s Debbie and Dave who support from the wings
With training, team bonding and all sort of things
Then I’m in charge which appears pretty scary
The years have been fun although sometimes quite hairy

We sometimes work in unusual ways
With funny distractions to get through the days
Yoga, pilates and practising planks
We laugh every day, for that I give thanks

So that’s us, we’re still here, 16 whole years
There’s been laughter and mayhem and obviously tears
But we couldn’t have done it without your support
So I want to say thanks while I’m holding court

So please raise a glass as I make this small toast
To suppliers and clients who we value the most
Here’s to another 16 fab years
It’s been fun, here’s to you, thank you and cheers!

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