Happy Birthday to our CEO and Founder


Today we are celebrating a birthday; Lisa Lavis, CEO and Founder of Glow. Glow was established 22 years ago (when Lisa was about eight years old) 😂

And it might surprise you to learn that Lisa – even though a total dynamo in business and branding strategy – is a little on the shy side. She would rather be doing the work and showcasing the team than standing in the spotlight herself. This makes her even more incredible in our eyes (we are biased, of course). 😉

So just to embarrass her today, we are doing a little shoutout to tell you how awesome she is… #sorrynotsorry

Lisa is incredibly skilled at people, and she understands communication to its core. As well as helping clients with their broader strategy, she informally coaches them to adopt better practices for their company, staff and culture. She wholeheartedly believes in wellbeing, inclusion and mental health advocacy, and she lives and breathes this within Glow but also helps steer our clients to take this seriously too. 🙌

⚡ She has her beliefs, which are that business should be human, daring and creative.
⚡ She believes branding and marketing creatives should be taken seriously and sit on the exec board.
⚡ She believes we should put people before all other, but keep a close eye on the planet and profit too.

Lisa leads fearlessly, and she can guide your business to branding success as she has done with Glow.


Lisa Lavis CEO & Founder of Glow

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