How Pilates can improve wellness in the workplace


Once a week at the Glow studio we have the opportunity to step away from our desks and take some well-deserved time out – & reinvigorate our minds – by joining Glow’s weekly Pilates class. This session is offered via a video link, which means that everyone can take part no matter where they are working. All we have to do is find some space and sign in. Pilates is an excellent enhancement to our working life and we recognise the health benefits of fitness, at a time that is convenient for everyone.

How Pilates and other fitness activities can help…

  • happy workforce, which is more productive
  • motivated and engaged employees
  • a reduction in stress
  • a decrease in absence
  • retention in staff who are highly skilled and dedicated
  • provide an attractive employee package for new staff
  • good posture in the workplace
  • creating a positive work culture that encourages healthy lifestyles
  • boost both physical and mental health.

At Glow, we think that it’s important to provide our staff with the ability to enjoy in a wellness activity. Whether that is before, after or during work hours we schedule around our own busy home and work life.

The Glow team are very much valued, and we take time to understand their needs. It helps build a culture that looks after staff, bringing strength to productivity. Staff feel motivated and a bit fitter too! Win 🥇 win 🥇

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