Improve customer retention with brand consistency


A brand isn’t just about products or services it’s the emotions customers associate with your company. Your brand’s tone of voice reflects your core values and is crucial for business success. Consistency in branding is key, ensuring customers recognise and trust your brand.

Why brand consistency matters:

Repeat business:

Studies reveal that 65% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers, who are cheaper to retain than acquire. Building trust through consistent branding encourages customer loyalty.

Emotional impact:

Purchasing decisions are 95% subconscious, influenced by emotions. Consistent branding creates a reliable, memorable image that resonates with their customers.

Benefits of consistent branding:


Iconic brands remain memorable by staying true to their vision. Inconsistency confuses customers, while consistency enhances brand recognition and values.

Customer relationships:

Trust is vital for customer loyalty. Consistent brand presentation nurtures trust and builds lasting relationships.

Business success:

Consistency can help increase revenue. In today’s social media-driven world, consistent branding enhances exposure and drives sales.

How to maintain brand consistency:

Clear branding guidelines:

Establish clear expectations for logos, tone, colours, and more. Share these guidelines company-wide to ensure everyone communicates the brand consistently.

Centralised platform:

Hold approved brand materials in a centralised place for easy access, a shared Dropbox folder or something similar may be enough. If your company and brand grows you should consider using brand asset management software as a better way of ensure consistency. This ensures everyone has access to all the latest assets, avoiding inconsistencies creeping in.

Measure implementation:

Track the adoption of brand management tools to gauge effectiveness. Understanding user behaviour helps improve brand consistency over time.

Visual elements:

Maintain coherence across all marketing materials. Consistent use of logos, colours, and fonts reinforces brand identity. Creating a brand image library will allow team members the freedom to choose imagery that aligns with the brand. It will also serve as a guide when searching for new imagery.


Educate employees on brand values and guidelines. Designate a brand manager and/or brand ambassadors to oversee consistent branding across your organisation.


As markets change, you will have to evolve your brand while maintaining your core values.


Regularly audit your marketing material to maintain consistency. When a brand evolution takes place, always ensure all parties are informed of the updated and educated to ensure the most recent assets are used to maintain consistency.

Customer Retention Statistics
Probability of selling to existing customer
Probability of selling to new prospect
Future profits from 20% of existing customers
Business from existing customers
Executives prioritising customer retention
Annual customer churn rate
First-time customers not returning
Businesses using email marketing
Most effective method for customer retention - Email marketing
Organic search driving customer retention
Paid search driving customer retention
Social media driving customer retention
Retargeting driving customer retention
Affiliates driving customer retention
Referral marketing driving customer retention
Mobile marketing driving customer retention
Cost to acquire a new customer compared to keeping a current one
5% more
Cost to bring a new customer to the level of a current one
16x more
Companies agreeing retention is cheaper than acquisition
Increase in customer retention leading to increased profits
Lowering customer churn rate leading to increased profitabilit
Repeat customers spending more than new customers
Increase in customer retention levels leading to increased company value


In conclusion, brand consistency is fundamental for building trust and driving business growth. By implementing clear guidelines, centralised platforms, and ongoing assessment, you can maintain a strong and reliable brand identity.

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