Knights Brown Illustrative Site Boards


In the studio this week we’ve created two illustrative site boards for construction company Knights Brown, one designed for children and the other adapted for an older audience. These fun and informative site boards will be used to demonstrate the Aberavon coastal risk management scheme Knights Brown will be implementing in Port Talbort, Wales.

The aim of the scheme is to enhance the coastal defences along Aberavon promenade and provide additional flood protection to the seafront. Knights Brown will be placing 30,000 tonnes of rock armour along the front of the existing steps which will be extended down to the beach.

The child-friendly board features a fun story-based explanation of the work being carried out, with the main star, a big friendly giant who loves to sit on the promenade. The giant’s feet are representative of the seawall concrete steps, which are being damaged by the waves crashing against them every day. The story illustrates that a Knight (who represents Knights Brown) helps the giant by creating large steel toe capped boots to protect his feet. This is symbolic of the rock armour which is being placed to keep Aberavon safe from future coastal flooding.

We thoroughly enjoyed creating this playful design and the challenge that came with portraying the story successfully for children. We also produced an alternative version with a Welsh translation, to ensure the boards were accessible to the whole community in Port Talbort.

Knights Brown also required another board, which was more suited to an adult audience. This involved creating a design, which still included custom illustrations of the seawall, rock armour and Port Talbort community, but with a more pared-back aesthetic. The board features more in-depth explanations of the coastal defence work, with the main focus on maintenance, enhancements and strengthening measures.

Adult Site Boards

About knights Brown

Knights Brown is a privately owned, full service, regional construction business with specialist energy sector capability delivered nationwide. Its vision is to be a company people aspire to work for, that always endeavours to deliver the best experience for its customers.

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