Introducing Grow


We have an exciting announcement in the studio this week as we introduce ‘Grow’. Grow is Glow’s new name for an initiative we originally started in 2008, focusing on how we, as a business, can take actions to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that our planet needs some TLC and we’re in a position to implement small changes at Glow that will really help to make a difference.

This issue, whilst resonating with all of us at Glow, is a particular passion for one of our graphic designer’s Amy. For years, Amy has been driven by her love for wildlife and the natural world, and is determined to live her life as sustainably as possible.

Amy is leading the new revival, which will see the implementation of expanding our recycling at Glow, swapping everyday items with eco-friendly alternatives and even providing hints and tips for other small businesses to assist them in being more environmentally friendly.

We started our eco journey by signing up to Biffa’s dry mixed recycling service. You may be surprised to learn that businesses are not required to recycle by UK law, this means a colossal amount of recyclable materials will end up in landfill unnecessarily. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as many larger companies will have environmental policies in place and will operate with corporate social responsibility in mind.

Other small changes we have made around the office include swapping our paper towels for washable cotton hand towels, making the switch from standard bin bags to biodegradable bags as well as recycling used coffee pods with a local Terracycle scheme (we restrict our use of pods to client meetings).

We’re only at the start of our journey and plan on making many more small changes to ensure we’re doing our bit for the environment. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Grow’ which will be sweeping through our social media platforms.

Grow Environment Initiative

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