In the Studio This Week: Knights Brown’s Rebrand Birthday


We can hardly believe it – it’s been one whole year since Knights Brown launched its new branding, and even longer since Glow began the initial designs.

The 1stof September will now forever be known as ‘Knights Brown Day’. To mark the special occasion, Knights Brown wanted to celebrate with the sweetest of treats, custom-designed biscuits! Donned with branded birthday balloons, the biscuit selection was the perfect gift to share with clients and staff.

A year on, it only seems fitting to reflect on the design process and thoughts behind the Knights Brown brand.

So how did we come up with the Knights Brown rebrand?

We all agreed that the ‘Brown’ linked to Raymond Brown’s heritage, history and reputation.

While researching Raymond’s Brown’s New Forest origins, we discovered the Knightwood Oak – the largest and one of the oldest trees in the New Forest – and loved the ‘Knight’ element as we felt it was so reflective of the Raymond Brown employees (who really are some of the nicest people you will ever meet), the way they work, and their values.  The connotations of trust, loyalty, courage and honour seemed to sit very will their existing reputation.

The logo includes a shield, which has associations with both knights and family crests, symbolising team strength and the characteristics of knights – strong, noble, reliable.

And the colour? Well, the olive green is inspired by the colours of the New Forest and it’s balanced with a dark grey.

Since launching the rebrand, Knights Brown has always wanted to find the most creative ideas to raise brand awareness. Check out their air fresheners and branded bags– to name a few!

In the past year, we’ve created countless case studies, internal communication pieces, promotional items and exhibitions artwork, not to mention their website!

We wonder what will be in store next?

Knights Brown's Rebrand Birthday

Knights Brown's Rebrand Birthday

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