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Laura Hawtin - Head of Communications of Glow | A design and marketing agency

Laura, our Head of Communications, lives in Dallas, Texas.

Laura leads the delivery of internal and external communication strategies for our clients, applying her 20 years’ experience of working both in-house and agency-side for international, multi-site FTSE 100s and SMEs in the UK and USA.

Laura specialises in:

Laura helps transform your organisation with expert communication strategies that drive engagement, alignment, and success. Navigate transitions smoothly and unlock new opportunities with effective change communications.

Laura will enhance your brand’s awareness and engagement through clear, concise, and engaging communications. Foster a sense of connection and motivation among employees, boosting productivity and alignment with company goals.

Laura can identify and engage with key stakeholders to ensure their support and understanding. Build strong relationships and communicate your vision effectively to enhance your organisation’s reputation and success.

Be prepared with quick, responsive, and effective communication strategies during a crisis. Laura helps you to provide reassurance, manage the situation proactively, and maintain trust with your audience.

Laura can provide personalised guidance and expertise to enhance your communication strategies. Build your skills, confidence, and strategic decision-making with support from experienced mentors.

Laura Hawtin

As an English Literature graduate, with professional qualifications in PR, Internal Communications and Change Management, Laura has a love of words and people, is a stickler for detail and is dedicated to looking after clients and their projects to ensure the highest level of service delivery.

In May 2022, Laura and her family relocated to Dallas, Texas for an exciting new adventure. Laura continues to support Glow and our clients from across the pond.

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