Lisa Lavis is visiting our Head of Communications, in Dallas, Texas!


I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when ….. I’ll be back on April 24th 😉

Does anyone else start singing this song when they’re about to fly, hear about someone else flying, or just randomly after a tough day and this feels like the best option!?

For me, this vacation definitely requires a jet plane and is very exciting too as I am off to visit Laura, Glow’s Head of Communications, in Dallas, Texas! Laura and her family (and bulldog, Albert) moved over to the US last May and this is going to be my inaugural trip to see them all.

Despite the mere 4,700 miles which separates us, we’ve continued working pretty much the same as before. We have regular one2one’s, shareholders meetings, project reviews and plenty of Hawtin wry humour. What we love most is the transferring of the work baton, metaphorically, over the pond. Work is magically completed while the other office works, rests, (eats a Mars bar) and plays.

Over the last 11 months team Wickham and Dallas have completed a rebrand and change communications programme for a european acquisition, delivered change communications strategies for companies in the UK and America, and provided regular design and writing projects for many of our clients. It’s a great partnership!

Laura, get the cowboy boots ready, I’m on my way!

LL will be out of the office from April 3rd to April 24th. In her absence the fabulous Lisa Barnett, Head of Creative, is your point of contact.

Lisa Lavis is visiting our Head of Communications, in Dallas, Texas!

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