Marketing & Mentor Support


Did you know we also offer mentor services?

Here we are, the fabulous and uber talented Olivia Tant, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, Aquila Nuclear Engineering and Lisa L at their bi-weekly projects update. Team Glow has over 35 live jobs in the studio for Aquila at the moment so there is always lots to run through. From branding, events, websites, communications strategies, motion graphic animations, digital campaigns and case studies, it’s always a great meeting.

Marketing and Mentoring Support - Lisa Lavis & Olivia Tant

As well as the marketing, strategy and creative campaigns, Lisa is also a mentor for Olivia, providing advice and leadership insight. Nurturing talent is a huge passion for Lisa and Glow; it aligns with Glow’s vision ‘To help see a time when there is a brand, marketing or creative job role on every executive board’. Olivia will definitely be one of these future board members!

Onwards, we’ve a nuclear engineering company to grow. 😊

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