Mental Health Awareness with SOU


We’re sharing the CARE Programme, a mental health strategy for staff deployed by Southampton Airport. Through promoting wellbeing and providing specific training on mental health and stress management, Care is an initiative available to other companies and businesses.

A prominent topic in today’s world, the stigma associated with mental health remains a major obstacle to the effective diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. It can prevent employees from talking to colleagues or managers about their problems because they fear discrimination. It may even prevent them from acknowledging to themselves that they have a problem.

Southampton Airport approached Glow to refine the ‘CARE’ logo and create a theme that sat comfortably within the SOU brand. Using the existing colour palette, Glow opted for a friendly handwritten font and warm pink to create an approachable and friendly looking logo.

Southampton Airport exhibited at The British and Irish Airports Expo to share its experiences and showcase its brilliant PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) practices, EchoFour Training Centre (Did you know we created EchoFour’s brand too?) and CARE mental health programme.

Glow provided designs for six exhibition panels, promotional items and leaflets to promote all the great work Southampton Airport do.

About the Care Programme

CARE creates a climate where people feel confident to talk openly about the issues they are experiencing and trust their employer to do the right thing.

By tackling the issue of mental health in the workplace from the starting point, Southampton Airport hopes that it will address the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental ill health.

CARE supports all employees to become aware of what ‘wellbeing’ is, what the benefits are, and how they can achieve it. They will be better equipped to look after themselves and be more sensitive to the needs of others.

It’s great to be working with companies that are introducing initiatives likes this, we’re strong advocates of looking after your physical and mental well-being.

Care Programme - Mental Health Awareness

Care Programme - Mental Health Awareness

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