Why Microsoft Teams Works for Creative Agencies


At Glow, we use Microsoft Teams to communicate internally. Since we introduced the software about 12 months ago, we’ve seen a significant increase in productivity, improvement in communication and believe it or not, better social interaction. We’re here to tell you why Microsoft Teams works well for a business in the creative industry.  

  1. As the name suggests, you can create teams

    This may seem obvious, but this goes beyond your single team. You can create groups based on different projects, including those members who need to be and excluding those that don’t. It means you have access to all the relevant information, all in one space. 

  2. You can edit files within Microsoft Teams for true collaboration

    You can share any file format and Teams will store for you so you and the rest of your ‘team’ can access from anywhere. Not only that, you can share Word files, PowerPoints and Excel spreadsheets, in fact any Microsoft software document, and edit, simultaneously and instantly. At Glow, we can create anything from social media plans and blogs to client copywriting. The rest of the team are then able to edit, proof and contribute to each document, making it a ‘team effort’ and ensuring quality assurance. 

  3. Reduces the email inbox stress

    Prior to using Teams, our inboxes where overflowing and overwhelmed. Introducing Teams allowed us to illuminate internal emails, reducing our inboxes to messages from clients and suppliers. Don’t get us wrong, they’re still busy, but now they don’t include a tea request or an office ‘banter chat thread between colleagues.

  4. Tabs allow for better efficiency

    At Glow, we have certain documents that we use and refer to frequently. Teams allows us to ‘tab’ this to a top of a group, meaning it is easy to find, access and edit (see point 2). In particular, we find this super helpful for plans and templated text. 

  5. GIFs say it better than words

    While ‘teams’ allow us to better project manage, the chat function within Teams encourages more communication. It is a space for us to fire off quick messages, unrelated to a specific project, make jokes and support our colleagues. The best part though is the GIFs. When you can’t find the right words, there is sure to be a GIF that will work. 

  6. Video chat makes remote working a breeze

    We’re big believers in flexible working, this means the Glow team may not all be in the office at the same time. The video function means we can still creatively collaborate on a project seamlessly. Screen sharing means if you’re working on something digitally, we can all have an input. 

  7. Apps galore

    If there is a function Teams doesn’t allow, its highly likely there will be an App plugin available. You’ll be surprised how many pieces of software that you may already use that allow integration with Teams to further increase your productivity. 


Although Microsoft teams works for Glow, there are many project management and communication tools out there. If you’re not using one, we’d highly recommend taking the burden away from your inbox and elevating your project management to the next level.  

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