Glow’s new website features


At Glow, we like to  practice what we preach, and we believe website design and functionality should be reviewed every 2-3 years! Our old site was no longer reflecting who we are, or how we want to be perceived so it was time for a change. Here’s what we’ve changed:

Glow's new website features

1. We’ve reviewed our services

Old site - services
Old problem

People would tell us “Oh, I didn’t know you did that”.

new site - service
New Solution

We’ve refined our services, creating a definition between design and marketing to show everything we can do.

2. We’re sharing case studies

Old problem

Our portfolio limited us.

New Solution

Alongside our portfolio, we have created feature case studies which allow us to show how we work with key clients and help with their growth.

3. We’ve focused on accessibility

focused on accessibility
Old problem

Some areas on our site failed accessibility tests.

focused on accessibility - new site
New Solution

We’ve adjusted our colour palette to create a greater contract and ensured all text met standards. We will continually work to improve this.

4. We’ve simplified our packages

packages - old site
Old problem

Our set packages did not convey the flexibility of a retainer.

packages - new site
New Solution

We’ve scrapped set packages and created two approaches to our retainers’ allowing clients to tailor to their needs.

5. We’ve updated our fonts

Old problem

Our old hero font, was not available for digital use.

new fonts - new site
New Solution

By updating our branding to use Google fonts, we can now use the same typeface across all our platforms, for ultimate brand cohesion.

6. We’ve made our site bolder and dynamic

Old problem

We received feedback our site was very static.

New Solution

We’ve added in scroll effects and animated gifs using our bright and bold colour palette to bring movement and personality to the site.

7. We’ve made it more about our personality

team - old site
Old problem

Our old site did not represent the expertise of our team or reflect our brand personality.

team - new site
New Solution

We’ve included individual staff pages to really show off our expertise and our personalities. We’re a small team and work closely with our clients so we want our audience to get to know us.

So, if like us, you think it may be time for a refresh, or even a whole new website – get in Contact with Glow for a website audit.

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