Paramount Pools Cohesive and Professional Promo Adverts


We’re sharing a series of adverts we’ve created for Paramount Pools over the last few months.

We started working with Paramount Pools to create a more cohesive and professional looking brand. Prior to meeting with Glow, its communications were often varied, with no strong brand presence. We wanted to really enhance the brand identity and create a sleek series of designs to stand out in the market, which is often filled with clichés.

Each advert was about a separate product and needed to look visually different, while still retaining the Paramount Pools brand. We took a core blue gradient and paired it with an alternative, contrasting and complimentary colour each time to differentiate between the adverts and products. We wanted the designs to truly engage the audience, so felt a template-based approach wouldn’t cut it in the pools industry.

The adverts not only had to be aesthetically pleasing, but also needed to contain a lot of information and sales-driven messaging. Presenting the technical information had to be easy to read, prominent and concise. We featured the key selling points in pull outs and paired these elements with both professional imagery and ‘in-progress’ photographs to provide a sense of how the installation process works or how the products function.

The adverts featured here are for a free-standing, fully-tiled, leak-free pool that can be delivered to site in either one or two pieces, a unique ultra-flow counter current pool system and the AquaFingers pool brush, new and never seen in the industry before.

You may have also seen the exhibition graphics we produced for Paramount earlier this year.

Paramount Pools Advert

Paramount Pools Advert

About Paramount Pools

Established in 1979, Paramount Pool Products is a trade supplier to the swimming pool industry supplying high-quality swimming pool equipment to professional pool installers and retail outlets throughout the UK, including the Channel Islands, as well as Ireland.


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