It’s a New Website for Phone Names


This week we hit the go live button for the new Phone Names website, enhancing its UX and UI functionalities.

Phone Names provides businesses in the UK with an alternative to the standard run of the mill numbers, with a strong bias towards the customer response telephone code – 0800 – and supported with both 0845 & 034. The benefits, outlined by Phone Names, of using a word that relates to your product or service means it is far easier to remember than a number and once seen or heard provides total recall that a number alone cannot do.

Couple a name with an 0800 telephone code and it provides a highly memorable and effective way for customers to respond to direct marketing initiatives.

Glow was approached by Phone Names to redesign and build a new website on WordPress, to build on the strong brand but to also incorporate a fresh and modern style.

Phone Names Website_Mockup_2

Concept Design

The Glow design team, as with the process for all our projects, designed two bespoke concepts, based on the brief and desired visitor journey provided by Phone Names.

The brief requested we utilise its existing colour palette: a very striking combination of yellow and black. And to introduce vector illustrations and sector based, powerful images.

The concepts were presented to Phone Names and one was chosen to be taken to the next stage of development.


Once the design was approved, all pages were designed, assets created, and the WordPress build commenced. The website began to take shape and the user experience (UI) was tested frequently.

Launch and Testing Period

Once approved, the site was tested on all browsers and then went live. And there is now a short period to allow for any tweaking.

Phone Names Limited is part of the Zockoll Group of Companies based in London. Zockoll has been licensing and franchising since 1963, when it launched Dyno-Rod, the first non-food franchise in the UK which revolutionised the drain cleaning industry through its national brand.

In addition to Phone Names, Glow has also designed and built another Zockoll Group company website, 0800 Handyman, and is in talks with the Group to redevelop more of its portfolio.

Phone Names_Website_Mockup_3

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