Tips for planning a business change


Whether you’re planning a rebrand, restructure or business change, starting early, with detailed planning yields fantastic results.

Being proactive and communicating effectively will ensure a smoother transition and ultimately better brand perception.

Here are our 4 tops tips when planning a major business change:

🌟 Start early 🌟

While you may not have all the answers, as soon as you know change is on the horizon engage with your key stakeholders and marketing & comms support. It’s crucial to lay the foundations early on.

🌍 Understand the Change 🤔

Delve deep into the change initiative: its objective, impact, and implementation plan. Ask the right questions and gain a comprehensive understanding to guide your communication efforts.

📣 Communicate Proactively 🗣️

Don’t wait to be brought into the loop. Initiate conversations with change leaders early on. Build relationships and align communication goals, to ensure a smoother and more successful change implementation.

📝 Project Plan 📝

Gantt chart, spreadsheet, Trello; whatever your chosen planning tool, map out all marketing deliverables, when they are needed and by whom. Schedule regular update meetings, be persistent and be highly focused.

Glow’s experienced team can help you navigate the whole process, provide change communication strategies, communication plans and full design & brand solutions.

Big changes needn’t mean big headaches.

And remember, start early. Contact our friendly team for some initial advice.

We’ve recently supported our Client, Cyclife Aquila Nuclear during its rebrand after joining the Cyclife EDF Group in December 2021. The business change process lasted a couple of years, ready for its launch in June of this year. Here’s what Oliva Tant, Cyclife Aquila Nuclear’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator had to say about our involvement:

“Big shout out and thanks to The Glow Studio for all their support and hard work on this, very grateful to you all 🧡”

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