Rebranding? Questions to Ask Before You Start


Whether you’re rebranding because you’re changing your approach or because you’ve outgrown your existing brand, it can be both an exciting and daunting time. A rebrand should be an evolution, demonstrating how you’re adapting to changes, shifts and cultural learnings.

Remember a new brand should:

  • Reflect a company’s vision and values
  • Be versatile and adapt and grow with your company
  • Be meaningful in both design and personality


Here are a series of questions to ask before starting the rebranding journey:

  1. Why do we need to rebrand?
  2. What challenges do we currently face?
  3. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting our growth potential?
  4. Is our target audience still the same?
  5. Do we still offer the same product/service?
  6. Does our brand tell a story? If so, is it the correct one?
  7. What do we want to convey?
  8. What do our competitors look like?
  9. Do we even compete with our competitors?
  10. What is our USP?
  11. How do we want people to feel when experiencing our brand?
  12. Are we holding on to anything that is now dated?
  13. Do we ensure everything we produce is to our highest brand standards?
  14. Is the goal of this rebrand a steppingstone (evolutionary) or a milestone (revolutionary)?
  15. Are there elements of our existing brand that work well?
  16. Are there elements of our existing brand that are not working well?
  17. Who needs to be involved in the rebrand process?
  18. Have you considered what impressions your employees should have of the brand as well as your customers?
  19. If you were starting from scratch, what approach would you want to take?
  20. Is there anything we know we don’t want from the rebrand?
  21. Are we using the right agency to complete the rebrand?



A rebrand should be personal to a company and its values, not just something that looks attractive. And, it’s not just a logo. Consider how the brand will be used over all your marketing materials, how it will fit in with your premises, your touch points and how you want to be perceived online. A powerful brand image will resonate with your audience and evolve as your company progresses. A brand should be adaptive and proactive. We are advocates of both.

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