Making Remote Working Work For You


During this unusual and unknown time, many of us are working remotely, from our homes to self-isolate and help our communities. If you’re new to remote working, here are a few pointers to help you find your way: 


Create a workspace

Find a space in your home to designate as your ‘workspace’. Get into the mind-set, when you’re at your ‘workspace’ you’re at work. Define spaces to keep work and home separate. When you’re ready to finish up for the day, shut down, clear away or remove yourself from the space and spend more time in other areas of your home.

Get ‘work’ dressed

Now, you don’t need to be in a full-on suit complete with tie, but it is best to get dressed into normal clothes that you would wear to work. Staying in your pyjamas may be tempting, but the novelty will tire quickly. Dress for your day, if you have a video call, dress appropriately. It will help to make you feel energised and provide a sense of normality.


Go for a walk, do some yoga, run up and down the stairs; make sure you’re not stuck at your desk (or sofa). Our MD has taken up dog tennis with her Border Terrier in the back garden. It gets her ready for the dayeven if he always wins. If you can, try and leave your house once a day to get some fresh air (noting changing government guidelines).


Being able to communicate with your team is vital. It helps you to stay connected, social and aware of projects and their statuses. Whether it’s through email, team management software or video call, there is no reason to not speak with the rest of your team. Check in with your team at least once a day.

Take advantage of being remote

Now, we’re not saying skive off work, but why not utilise spare time to put a wash on, organise life adminwork out with an exercise video or even do some DIY. It helps get you away from the desk and takes the pressure off any anxieties. Just be sure to communicate with your team and make up the time, so you don’t fall behind with the workload.

Make a routine

Remote working can feel chaotic , especially if you’re new to it. It’s good to create some sense of routine that works for you. Use the above tips to set out a daily routine and structure your day. 

Remember, remote working can help create a better work/life balance. Even if it’s not something you’re comfortable with, it’s about creating something that works for you.

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