A Simple Brand Audit Checklist – Love your Brand and Align your Values


It feels like summer but it’s not quite normal; there are real energising highs and tiring, anxiety fuelled dips, and that’s just us all in business. Think how your brand is feeling right now.

This period of uncertainty and forced change of pace is – although unsettling – also a perfect time for reflection and a chance to put in place measures to create a more resilient and better company. It brings innovation, agility and importantly, now more than ever, a chance to check that your brand reflects your company values.

This reflection starts firmly with a brand audit, and below we provide a simple checklist of what you need to review:

[Quick note, if you have brand guidelines make sure these are to hand before starting the brand audit]

1. Brand Personality

  • Brand and company values
  • Brand story
  • Tone of voice
  • Company culture

2. Brand Aesthetic

  • Brand logo / trademark
  • Brand icons and design elements
  • Fonts, typography and colour palette
  • Consistency (this is key)

3. Brand Communications

  • Printed: stationery, brochures, newsletters, exhibition graphics
  • Digital: website, apps, social media handles (company and key staff profiles)
  • Videos, vlogs and blogs
  • Content
  • Presentations and tenders
  • Advertisements
  • Internal communication documents

4. Governance

  • News / PR printed and online
  • Testimonials
  • Internal systems and procedures
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand ambassadors

After reviewing, ask yourself:

A.  Is your brand 100% spot on and represents your business exactly how you want it to?

B.  Or does it need to improve?

If you answered B to this question, then outline all of the areas you feel require improvement. Work through this list, breaking each task down into chunks to make your actions clearer and less overwhelming.

Your company brand is your most trusted and strongest asset. Give it the love it deserves, take stock and get it match fit. Your future self will thank you for it.

And if you get stuck with any aspect of the brand audit, team Glow can help.

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