Glow’s Handy Social Distancing Communication Tools


This week we’ve been compiling a selection of handy social distancing communication tools to help as we all start to put measures in place for the re-opening of our businesses. We created a digital PDF and E-shot to illustrate the measures we can assist with, producing mock-ups of each item to show it in context using the Glow brand and specific messaging.

These ‘back to work’ tools include floor stickers, protective screens, posters, swing boards, directional signage, antibacterial pens, sanitising stations, table talkers and more, all of which can be customised and branded.

It’s been an odd couple of months for us all and getting back to some form of new normality will be strange, but for many of it will be a welcomed change to working at home, on the dining room table or in the box room! We all know the enormity of the current situation and so it’s vitally important at this time that we put the right measures in place now to keep everyone safe in their working environments.

Directional floor stickers have proved a great way of enforcing the 2m social distancing rule in public places and would be ideal to use in the workplace to make safely navigating the office/site easier for staff. It is also incredibly important that hand sanitiser is readily available, which can be easily achieved by ensuring there is access to it around the office/site or by introducing designated sanitiser stations (we can help with this).

With so much information online related to the current situation, it can sometimes be a little tricky to know exactly where to look or what to refer to. We wanted to share a article we found which outlines practical actions for businesses to take based on 5 main steps. It breaks down the steps into handy bullet points to make the guidance clear and concise.

For more specific advice related to working safely during coronavirus for different industries, here is another useful link.

Social Distancing Communication Tools E-shot

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